Southern United States Road Trip 2018

During August 2018 the plan was to take a road trip through five of the southern United States starting and ending in Houston, Texas.

Here's the story of the trip...

Day 1 Friday

The trip started with a drive to Manchester Aiport to catch a flight to Houston in Texas with Singapore Airlines. For a first flight with the airline, it was a pleasant surprise as everything went to schedule and the vegan food pre-ordered before the flight turned out to be better than I expected.

After passing through the airport immigration and collecting luggage, it was time to take a shuttle bus to the car rental area. Collecting the car was straightforward and before long it was time to head out onto the open road and drive to the hotel for the first night stopover. Arriving with the onset of sunset, albeit the lack of a photogenic one, an early night beckoned after collecting a few provisions for the day ahead.

Day 2 Saturday

Time to head east on I-10 towards New Orleans, set the car to cruise control and watch the world go by for five hours or so. 

Pre-trip research had suggested parking in the centre of New Orleans was expensive and that buying a local bus pass was the best option, so heading to the hotel and leaving the car in the parking lot seemed the best option. It was reassuring to see a bus stop right outside the hotel and a more frequented one not too far away also. 

Buying a day pass for $3.00 turned out to be a good option, as not only did it allow travel on all the New Orleans buses but it allowed travel on all the street cars too which would be very useful over the next couple of days. 

The first port of call would be Bourbon Street, probably the most well known street (at least to me), however my first impressions were not as I had hoped they would be. Perhaps busy Saturday evenings are not for me and as the pangs of hunger started to appear, heading for somewhere quieter seemed like a more practical idea. 

Heading to Prytania St. to find vegan food at Seed turned out to be the best idea. A chance to try out a southern fried poboy followed by beignets was extremely welcome and extremely tasty.

Leaving Seed, and with the onset of sunset, the Canal Street ferry seemed like a excellent option to see the city skyline and at $2.00 each way was good value. The crossing time to Algiers Point was only a few minutes but the view looking back towards the city was rather special:

The skyline of New Orleans at sunset

Day 3 Sunday

Heading back into the centre of New Orleans with the purchase of another $3.00 day pass was a good way to start the day. Hoping that heading back to Bourbon Street was the right way to begin exploring was certainly a good chance. The crowds of the previous evening had gone and the street was relatively quiet. The big surprise the previous the previous evening was the lack of jazz and the use of pre-recorded music in the bars, however this morning jazz was on offer at Cafe Beignet.

The entrance to Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street

New Orleans ~ 1515

to be continued...